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Multi dose Webster-Pak
produced in-store.

Multi Dose Webster-pak®

Proven during clinical trials, the Multi Dose Webster-Pak® has always been popular with aged care homes and community carers.

The packs are a sealed WEEKLY CALENDAR PACK designed to help people take their medication correctly, according to their doctor’s orders. All regular medication that needs to be taken each week is sealed within the blister compartments.

Compact, Safe and Accountable

  • Photos on the pack show the right person is receiving the right medication.
  • Medication descriptions ensure safe identification of medication.
  • With generic substitution, labelling identifies the brand packed plus the brand prescribed.
  • Each pack is a medication profile. Both packed and non-packed information is contained on the pack.

Online resource

For further information visit Webstercare

Medico Pak

A convenient and disposable medication compliance system which can be configured to suit a patient’s individual needs.

This system offers a very simple and safe way to help patients comply with their medicine regime. The Medico Pak system allows patients, carers or healthcare professionals to simply tear off what is needed at the time such as a single dose, a strip to cover a full day’s dose or more if required.

Medico Paks are simple to use.
Just follow these basic instructions.


Bend along the two perforated edges of the blister you wish to remove.

Step 2.

Carefully tear along the perforated edge with the ‘pottles’ (the blisters) facing you.


Remove the individual blister required.

The hole in the corner of the blister is your removal edge and can be peeled back to reveal the medicines to be given. The shaded corner indicates where the removable edge is located.

Some patients, carers or healthcare professionals may prefer to pierce the backing of the blister using a pen, spoon or a similar object. You may find piercing the backing a little harder to break than a heat sealed blister.

Gift Certificates

Ask us about how you can provide someone you care about with their Medico Pak medication through a gift certificate system. The process is simple and effective.

Online resource

For further information visit Medicopak


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